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Evergreen Turf Sod Grass

Evergreen Turf is the premier producer of New Mexico sod grass. All of the sod grass is grown locally and is the highest quality available on the market. If you want a sod grass that is perfectly suited for New Mexico’s climate then look no further. From residential backyards to professional sport fields and stadiums, Evergreen Turf offers the best possible selection of sod grass varieties for New Mexico. Give us a call today and our friendly staff will answer every questions you have and provide a quick quote right over the phone. We offer a 24-48 hour turnaround time and cut every order fresh from the field.

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Make your home look its best.

Every day you can look out your window and see your lawn. Do you smile? If you are not smiling, then contact us today and let us help improve your curb appeal and bring a smile to your family.

Beauty is Not Magical

Beauty is not magic, but it can look magical. Let Evergreen Turf make your lawn the sparkle in your eyes.

Pup Dog
Pup Dog

Beauty is Not Magical

Beauty is not magic, but it can look magical. Let Evergreen Turf make your lawn the sparkle in your eyes.

Hosting a Party

Be Proud to Host

Hosting your friends and neighbors is not only about providing great food. It is about providing a welcoming and gorgeous environment that kids can play and adults can relax. Evergreen Turf is the local sod grass farm to help your next event shine.

Premium Park Blend

Premium Park Blend

New Mexico’s best choice for an all-around proven winner. Premium Park Blend was originally developed for the Albuquerque Park’s Department to give them a sod that is durable, shade tolerant, drought tolerant, easy to repair, and looks great all season long. This sod is a proprietary mix of university tested Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass, all Grown with New Mexico Tradition! Grown locally on the sod farm.

Highlights: Widely-used and it’s very adaptable to different soil types and conditions.

Sandia Bluegrass

Sandia Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is the standard for high quality cool season sod. Sandia Bluegrass Blend is drought tolerant, low growing, and dark green. Sandia Bluegrass Blend can be mowed at ½” with a reel mower, or at 2 inches with a rotary mower. Sandia Bluegrass is a perfect choice for sports fields, golf courses, or the discerning homeowner that wants the finest lawn possible… and it’s grown right here in New Mexico at our local sod farm!

Highlights: Softest leaf, winters well and is self-repairing.

Siempre Verde Fescue

Verde Fescue

Tough, durable, drought resistant, and dark green, Siempre Verde Fescue is a proven blend of turf type tall fescues that will hold up to kids, pets, and traffic. Siempre Verde should be mowed between 1″- 3″ with a sharp rotary mower. Full sun or moderate shade, this is a proven winner for your backyard or the neighborhood soccer field.

Highlights: Lowest water usage, resistant to disease, easy to maintain and is the pinnacle sod genetics.

“Our lawn looks fantastic! Thank you so much.”

Jennifer S.

“My lawn was in rough shape. Evergreen Turf was awesome.”

Elliot M.

“Evergreen Turf made sure everything was beautiful.”

Erica W.

“Love these guys. I will use them again.”

John B.